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Why Muay Thai is Great for Teens

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Getting your teens active is super important for their development. Muay Thai is one of the best martial arts for teens, as it teaches invaluable life lessons and transferable skills.

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The CDC has data from 2015-2016 that determined 1 in every 5 children (ages 6-19) is obese. With that number steadily creeping up, it’s extremely important to get your teen active.

Not only is being active when young going to keep them from being overweight, it’s vital to their development. Which activity do you choose to get the optimal benefits?

Consider Muay Thai. Perhaps the best martial arts for teens, Muay Thai teaches valuable life lessons and transferable skills to other areas of their life. Read on to find out the specific advantages of having your teen do Muay Thai.

Teaches Respect

At a young age, teenagers are still very impressionable. It is at this stage where they develop systems for respect. Whether a person, place, or situation follows their specific criteria determines whether the child will respect them.

Muay Thai creates a solid platform from which respect will blossom for all the beauty in the world. Not only will teens begin to respect people who have their best interests at heart, they’ll learn to respect themselves. What they choose to eat, drink, and do to their bodies will come from a place of respect, not recklessness.

Respect is self-reflection and self-awareness, plus the ability to act on this knowledge. Understanding flaws will lead to enhanced self-improvement, making for a better individual in everyday society.

A Sense of Responsibility

Muay Thai is essentially the teaching of proper self-defense. What this means is teenagers gain a comprehension of when to use self-defense, how to defend themselves without inflicting bodily harm, and the consequences of their actions.

This is a giant responsibility. Respect flows directly into responsibility. Teens who keep their minds clear of judgment and reaction will behave better than one who hasn’t experienced the benefits of martial arts.

Muay Thai holds you accountable for your actions, which makes your teenager think twice if they are the one bullying. And if they’re getting bullied, they can take the remarks in stride and know when to respond with force.

Boxing ring shot of of teen girl hitting pads training Muay Thai

Body Language

This is where health and attitude combine. The reason why Muay Thai is the best martial art for teens is they are still malleable, both in cognitive function and physical stature. Muay Thai addresses both.

With a correct stance, a teenager can exude confidence (covered next). They also have a straight body with shoulders pulled back instead of slouched, as well as feet firmly on the ground. Their eyes will look ahead instead of down, focused on the task.

Such posture is perfect for deflecting bullying. Plus, the straighter the stance, the more natural and in-tune your teen’s body will be. They will share a posture with our ancestors who didn’t sit in chairs for the majority of their days.

Reduces Stress and Raises Confidence

As mentioned earlier, a straight-backed, alert stance gives your child the confidence needed to handle bullies effectively and safely.

Not only does the improved posture aid this, but so does the novelty of Muay Thai. Odds are, teenagers just getting into martial arts will be experiencing something brand new. With a fresh sport, complete with personal goals and achievements, will spur them into newfound levels of confidence.

Another benefit of martial arts is the decrease in stress among teenagers who do Muay Thai. Any sport is a wonderful, healthy outlet for a young person’s anger, frustration, and anxiety. The focus needed for Muay Thai demands teens let go of their worries and stress while in the dojo training.

Classes Create Longlasting Friendships

Martial arts for teens does more than giving them incredible life lessons. It also allows them common ground to build lifelong relationships with other young people in the classes.

Muay Thai comes with a unique sense of camaraderie, which is vastly different from the clique mentality of high schools. Everyone in a martial arts gym is training for the same thing. Therefore, no matter the age, race, gender, or background, teens can become friends with people they probably would never approach in school.

This deters isolation and depression in young people due to solitude or lack of popularity. Everyone can be friends in Muay Thai and other martial arts.

Teen girl learning to use elbow technique in Muay Thai

Hinders Bullying

Because of the improved posture and the confidence that comes with Muay Thai, high schoolers can deter bullying.

Less stress, more friends, and a skill that can be applied when necessary will keep your child from becoming a bully and keep them safe from bullies themselves.

Martial arts demands the trainee’s best self when in the dojo. Focus, confidence, awareness…all of these translate into your adolescent’s everyday life. This is especially true at social events where they’re surrounded by other young people.

And while the other teens might be bad influences or are bullies, your kid does Muay Thai – they respect their person and others too.

Improves Health and Fitness

Lastly, Muay Thai is unbelievable for your teenager’s health and wellness. It’s a martial art, known for impressive physiques, unmatched balance, laser focus, and a calm demeanor.

Specifically, Muay Thai increases cardiovascular endurance, adds leg and core strength, aids in hip mobility, and eliminates stress. This will assist your child in killing the threat of childhood obesity and help to instill a positive, healthy environment for years to come.

This will increase both physical and mental health to amazingly high levels. These can act as a springboard for your teen as they develop into young adults. They will take the lessons and health they’ve received from martial arts and apply it to their lives for as long as possible.

Your child knows the benefits of martial arts; they won’t ever give up those benefits.

Martial Arts for Teens is Crucial to Your Teen’s Wellbeing

Hopefully, now you realize how amazing Muay Thai can be for your child’s overall health and development as an adult. It teaches them many lifelong lessons, helps overcome bullying, and avoids that whole obesity epidemic. In short, martial arts for teens is the single best way they can grow into incredible human beings.

If you want to learn more about a Muay Thai training program dedicated directly to teenagers, check out our program!

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