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Project Description

Become Limitless

Skill Level: All Levels

Competition Muay Thai Program

Have you ever wondered how it feels to compete like your favorite fighter?

Have you ever wondered if you had what it takes to train and live the lifestyle of a fighter?

Here is your chance to make those dreams a reality.  The OC Muay Thai Competition Program puts you through a training camp and prepares you for your Amateur debut!

Whether you’re want to enter the ring as a Muay Thai kick-boxer; or you want the challenge of training camp; we have the program just for you.

Students learning Muay Thai clinch for competition
Preparing the body mind and spirit

Your Training

You will train at OC Muay Thai and you get:
  • Personal guidance
  • Step-by-step training program
  • Hands on experience
  • Master direct training

What’s Included:

  • Endurance training
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Flexibility training
  • Technical training
  • Reaction training
  • Mental fortitude and focus
  • Everything you need to be Competition Ready!
You’ll also get easy to follow meal plans to make sure your body performs at peak levels and can keep up with the high demands of your training.

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

All you have to do is show up!  We’ll take care of the rest and build you into a fighting machine!  You’ll be 100 percent prepared for your Amateur debut; and have everything it takes to be successful in real life competition.  It doesn’t get any better than that!

Your debut

Once you’ve completed your fight training camp you’ll have the opportunity to compete in a Amateur fight.  You’ll know what it feels like to walk down the aisle surrounded by real fight fans. You’ll know the rush of hearing your name introduced to the cheer of the crowd; and finally you’ll know what it feels like to give it your all in a real life competition.  Be the first of your friends to live the real experience and share that experience with your whole family!

Amateur Muay Thai Program

Everyone is invited to test their mettle in the Competition Amateur program. Anyone can participate,  Once you take on the challenge of our program you’ll step into the ring with another Amateur on your same level of experience for your debut fight.
Students relaxing before their match
Students in training camp
UFC Amateur Fight Week in Vegas
Putting on headgear for the next match

Time To Level Up