Location #2 – OC Muay Thai Orange County, Costa Mesa CA 2016-10-12T23:02:27+00:00

REAL Muay Thai has Arrived in Costa Mesa!

OC Muay Thai’s NEW 2nd Location in
Orange County – Costa Mesa, Ca.

OC Muay Thai Classes

Orange County, Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Orange County Muay Thai. Learn muay thai kickboxing in Costa Mesa, CA with seasoned veterans.

The schedule for Real OC Muay Thai classes in Costa Mesa


Tomacelli Academy Muay Thai BJJ Kids

We are honored to be part of a great community of martial artists. It’s great to be back teaching side by side with some of the greats of combat sports. Such as Professor Joe Moriera 7th degree BJJ and Judo Champion and UFC legend “King of the Streets” Marco Ruas.

Joining forces with Team Tomellci, Team Morreria, Team Ruas, and now Team Jansson. The future is looking good!

Come join us to be part of the growing community of martial artists, real muay thai lovers, MMA fans.

It’s about sharing to help one another to become the best you can be

2380 Newport Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA 92627
(860) 371-5106