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On October 1st 1975, Santa Monica, Ca. you could feel the excitement in the air as the Coliseum slowly filled with people anxious to witness a never before seen spectacle. Muhammad Ali was to face his greatest rival in Joe Frazier, and for the first time in boxing history the bout was to be broadcast live from the Philippines. sports-boxing-muhammad-ali-joe-frazier-thrilla-manilla-trading-punches-poster

The famed “Thrilla in Manila” made sports history that day but it was also the beginning of a great journey as the then 10 year old David Jansson and his father watched on in amazement.

At the young age of 12 years old David began his boxing training, still high on the spectacle he had witnessed just 2 years prior.

David, hailing from the old school era of Martial Arts, began his training at the famed Kali Academy in Torrance, California home to one of Martial Arts greatest icon’s Bruce Lee.

Under the watchful eye of Golden Gloves Champion & Olympic Boxing Coach Richard Bustillo and Guro Dan Inosanto both 1st generation Bruce Lee student’s David began boxing and training daily at the Kali Academy in FMA, Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun, and of course muay thai.

As David grew as a Martial Artist and into an Adult his need to expand his knowledge grew and he began looking toward new horizons to continue his martial arts journey.

As luck would have it an opportunity presented itself that would ultimately change his life forever; to travel to Thailand and learn the then mysterious and deadly art of Muay Thai directly from the source.

Master Yodtong and David Jansson Pattaya ThailandAs a young adult David traveled to Thailand to train at under the tutelage of the Late Great Master Yodtong.

The World Famous Sityodtong Muay Thai Boxing Camp; in Pattaya. Sityodtong was Thailand’s top training Camp at the time and house dozens of Champions during its top tier reign.

It was not customary at the time for Prestigious Camps to house foreigners, so David was nervous as he walked to the doors of Sityodtong; recommendation letter in hand. He was greeted by a doormen who quickly read of the letter he held and gave him a quick evaluation.

The doormen poked at his flesh (Not knowing its Master Yodtong), felt the density of his bones, and test the strength of his hands; and without saying a word turned with letter in hand and closed the door behind him.

David was worried, “Had I been rejected? Have I come all this way for nothing?” he stood at the door for a few minutes unsure of what to do; before the doormen/Master Yodtong returned with a surprised look on his face. “Later.” he said giving David the signal to come back in the evening.

With a sigh of relief David went into town to find a place to stay and returned later that night to begin his training. What David learned from Master Yodtong and the boxers at Sityodtong would ultimately guide his entire perspective on combat training until the present day.

When he opened his first gym OC Muay Thai it was based on the same principles he had learned so many years prior and when he opened Camp Jansson; very little had changed.

He has used these same principles to train Professional Fighters such as Cub Swanson, Babalou Sabral, Josh Barnett and many more; along with U.S. Special Forces, and Philippines Special Forces.

David Jansson Training Special Forces Philippines

But most rewarding of all are the thousands of lives David has changed through his training methods and magnetic personality and care.

Not the fighter, nor the warrior, but the everyday guy and gal. Whether it was reaching weight-loss goals, bringing courage to the meek, guiding the lost, or just giving someone a place to call home.

David’s attention to detail and care for his students has gained him world renown and brought attention to his schools from all walks of life, professional or amateur.

It is his passion for people that create such amazing results and keep them come back for more again and again.