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“How I went from Dying to LIVING

In this old pic Im overweight, miserable, and zero self confidence

Here’s me when I was overweight, miserable, and zero self confidence

This is my true story of my journey going from the living dead to learning to live my life. My name’s Cameron Mills. I’m 29 year old self employed engineer, and I’ve been training at OC Muay thai for a little over 3 years now. When I first came to OC Muay Thai, I had weighed 260lbs. I had been gaining around 10 lbs Every Year since college and was entering into the “Severe Obesity” medical range for my height/weight. Life was not good for me at this point. My biggest struggles with my weight was that I didn’t know how to lose it… I decided to try it out. The first session was something I never thought I could accomplish. Running, conditioning, shadowboxing, pad work, things I had never done before.

He didn’t stuff me in a corner and just tell me to hit a bag. I was given the exact same lesson as everyone else, I only had to do it at my own pace.

I feel like my life has just started

I feel like my life has just started!

Dave even spent one on one time going in depth for each move I had trouble on. After the first training session it was like a switch in me was flipped.

I couldn’t believe this had been under my nose the entire time. The workouts and lessons were hard and left me sore for days, but Dave never made me feel like I couldn’t do it.

Whatever it was we talked about; a specific technique, a strategy, whatever it was, he always assured me that I could get there, it just depended on me.

All I had to do was show up, and not put limitations on myself. So, I kept showing up. Some days I was sore from my toes to my shoulders, the only thing that wasn’t was my head.

But still I came in and did what I could, even if it was just walking and stretching. After the first month the scale still read 260lb but I had lost 4 pant sizes, went from an XL to L shirt size and doubled my squat, pushup and situp count. Each month after that the scale read 10lbs less. When I started I weighed 260lb and couldn’t run 1/4 mile without stopping.

Today I’m 195lb and run a 3-5 mile warmup. (barefoot running too) After training at OC Muay Thai, my life is completely different. Other than the weight loss, I was seeing other side effects of my training. My self esteem had increased substantially and I was happier overall.

Feeling Amazing

Feeling Amazing

As I developed a warrior mindset, problems in my life and work were less daunting. I stopped putting limitations on myself.

Friends I hadn’t seen in 6 months couldn’t believe the progress I made. They said I was a completely different person in every respect: health, appearance, attitude, sense of humor, and happiness.

Once I had so much positivity in my life, I was able to see the negatives in my life. Compared to pushing myself in a 2 hour muay thai session, these negatives were easy to solve. I went from unemployed to self employed, got out of the toxic relationship I was in, and fell in love with my best friend who has now been my girlfriend for 2.5 years.

For me personally, my life before I began training doesn’t even feel real. Now with the healthy mind and body I developed, I feel like my life has just started at 26.

My recommendation for anyone who is curious about training at OC Muay Thai, is not to put limits on yourself, and just show up. Whatever you want to accomplish, you can. You just have to show up. -Cameron

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