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7 Powerful Benefits of Martial Arts for Kids

Are you thinking about putting your child into a martial arts class? Not sure what it will involve? There is a misconception that martial arts teach people to be violent, but that couldn't be further [...]

What Is Muay Thai? (And What It’s Not)

To the untrained eye, many of the martial arts may look the same. But did you know there are HUNDREDS of distinct styles and school of martial arts? Each one is based on different techniques [...]

Why Everyone Should Have Some Self Defense Training

Why Everyone Should Have Some Self Defense Training When most people think of self defense training, they think about reacting to an attack.  But that's not all it's good for. It can actually stop an attack [...]

How Muay Thai Teaches Focus

Eastern philosophy and activities have become popularized in Western culture as an outlet to build focus and reduce stress. Enter: Muay Thai Muay Thai teaches focus, striking, and a complete combat ability. It's a form [...]

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