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Training Smart for Martial Arts

The warm air of the Philippines is much more forgiving and I had almost forgot what if felt to "get hurt" but the rigors of training whether here or in the tropics are always real [...]

Look what yoga did to me

Yoga did this to me The sweat that dripped into my eyes caused my vision to blur, and all around me all I could see were the colors of my surroundings. Nothing was clear, and [...]

5 Clinch Techniques for Muay Thai Self Defense

Martial arts do more than just teach self-defense. It is about learning patience, timing, and strength. Not just physical strength, but mental strength as well. Muay Thai self-defense teaches people how to utilize their whole [...]

How to Lose Weight With Muay Thai Workouts

How to Lose Weight With Muay Thai Workouts Mia "Killa" Kang's story is fascinating. As a tween, she had an eating disorder. She thought the best way to lose weight was to just stop eating. [...]

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