Eastern philosophy and activities have become popularized in Western culture as an outlet to build focus and reduce stress.

Enter: Muay Thai

Muay Thai teaches focus, striking, and a complete combat ability.

It’s a form of kickboxing which uses all parts of the body to become a weapon.

The training teaches an individual to use their fists, knees, elbows, and shins in an effective manner to face their combatant.

It’s a welcoming activity for children, teenagers, and adults.

Part of this reason stems from pop culture. Fighters in the popular UFC often include Muay Thai as part of their training regiment. The martial art has also been a thrill found in movies and television.

It’s not all about building strength.

Muay Thai trains an individual to be conscious of every action.

Practitioners learn improve their understanding of themselves and others. Which helps you in difficult life situations.

Wouldn’t you like to know…

How Muay Thai Teaches Focus

Muay Thai may be an intensive martial art but it goes beyond the act of striking an opponent. Strength isn’t everything when it comes to this art. One must be mindful and calm in their judgment to be effective.

  • Self-Respect – Teachings in Muay Thai is about respecting others through listening and actions. You may be sparring but at the core is a deep feeling of respect which is reflected on yourself! Focus comes from the ability to be in the moment when you’re interacting with others. 
  • Confidence – Confidence in your abilities comes from practice and mindfulness. Practice will help you build the physical capabilities to perform the martial art. Mindfulness helps you understand the actions and energy placed in every strike. When you begin to feel confident in your abilities you are then able to maintain focus.
  • Self-Esteem – A lack of focus often comes about because you are in self-doubt and feel you’re not adequate. Muay Thai has given people a boost in confidence and self-esteem. It shows them the capabilities of their body and the ability to remain calm under stressful situations. If you’re able to handle the training or a sparring session then you can be sure your self-esteem will be high compared to the now minor struggles in your day-to-day life.
  • Fluidity – The martial art is about speed and fluidity. You will learn how to act without over analyzing the situation. Your mind becomes laser focused when it’s able to react from practice. Imagine how well you’ll stay focused on work and play when you’re no longer worrying and stressing because of the external forces!
  • Control – We tend to lose focus because we’re stressing. This stress is often caused by tasks that are out of our control. In Muay Thai you must strike but in an effective manner. You are practicing the techniques — not using them to pummel your fellow partners. Control in these tense situations found in Muay Thai can be channeled into your everyday activities. 

If this sounds like an activity you feel will bring balance to your life then get ready to enter the Muay Thai dimension. We’re going to…

Take a Look at Muay Thai Training

To enjoy Muay Thai means commitment.

This is a martial art that will push your body and mind to its limits.

Classes range in difficulty. It’s an activity that will have you hooked once you begin to see the fat shred and mind focused. It will scale in difficulty but each new level you reach places you one step closer to a new and stronger you.

Here is a sample of what you can expect with Muay Thai training:

  • Cardio – You don’t have to be in peak physical condition to practice Muay Thai but it will demand a lot from you. Cardio is at its core to help build endurance. Expect running, skipping rope, stretching, jumping jacks, and fun routines to be integrated into the class.
  • Strength – Muay Thai is fantastic because it’s about skill. A small, skillful individual can trounce inexperienced, muscly-types. Yet, it doesn’t hurt to build muscle since you’re aiming to maximize the impact of your strikes. Activities like push-ups, squats, shadow boxing, heavy bag training, pad work, and weights may all come into play.
  • Sparring & Shadow Boxing – You won’t be a force to take part in sparring but it would be a huge disservice if you never try. Sparring will teach you a greater amount than going through the normal routine. It will be tense but does wonders in helping you gain focus. Shadow boxing, too, will be an intensive exercise that makes you think fast and react.
  • Watching – Muay Thai teaches focus when zoned into the actions of others such as when they’re sparring. These activities will help you spot opportunities and flaws. These two items can be absorbed into your abilities.
  • Relax – Cooldowns are essential not only to bring your body back to a resting state but to give your mind time to take it all in. Meditation works well during the relaxation period. Close your eyes, go back to the routine & sparring, and learn what could have been improved.

There is more to a Muay Thai class beyond the training. A great teacher and routine will help you develop pride and accountability for your actions. You are learning a martial art but you’re also gaining the guidance of a mentor.

A Balance of Strength and Discipline

The training plays a significant aspect of how Muay Thai teaches focus but it also comes from within. Strength building and the discipline of the techniques can be learned but overcoming fears starts with you.

Distractions and obstacles will become less intimidating if you so choose to begin learning the art of Muay Thai.

You will find success in your personal life, business activities, and self-confidence. The practice may seem aggressive but at its core is a deep understanding of ones’ abilities and mode of thinking.

We welcome you to test drive the Muay Thai experience and find how it can change your body and mind.


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