Filipino Martial Arts Seminar

Join us for a fun filled day of Filipino Martial Arts…Direct from the Philippines.

We are honored to have Master Bong flying in from the Philippines to come and instruct you on the art of AK. We are having the seminar at OC Muay Thai on Saturday May 20th from 9am-5pm.

Abenir Kalis Blade Fighting System consists of bolo fighting, Espada y Daga, Balisong, doble bolo, Kerambit and different types of swords such as Sansibar, Barong, Pinuti and others. It also incorporates the aspects of stick fighting using different kinds of woods such as KAMAGONG, Yakal, Bahi and other types of wood for training. 

Also you will learn the empty hands of Filipino Martial Arts which is based on blade techniques is also included. Empty hand fighting could be practiced anytime at any stage or level of skill.

The weapons progression is used in conjunction with the empty hand training progression of the system in order for the practitioner to get a “complete education” in the variables possible with the major techniques in and tactics employed in Filipino Warrior Arts.
The major characteristics of the Abenir Kali is efficiency. It is a very pragmatic and practical system which applies the laws of physics and psychology. It does not waste time with unnecessary movements but instead goes right through the heart of the problem.
You will learn to fight or defend yourself at the seminar using Abenir Kalis system. Although it does not mean achieving mastery of the skills and techniques within the system in such a short period of time but rather the know how and confidence during a street encounter is what we are after (learn to fight first, then work on the finer points of the art later).
That is why we do away with a lot of drills during the first sessions but instead we help the student analyze the different strategies and tactics that could be employed during a street fight. It does not matter much how well you execute the techniques during a fight as long as it scores or hits the target.
People are not concerned on how beautiful or skillful you employ your techniques but whether who is left standing during the encounter. After learning these things, only then comes the formal training for the purpose of mastery and teaching of the system.


Bong Abenir is a Filipino Martial Arts Instructor. He started training in the martial arts at the age of 9 through his father in the art of kuntao and learned knife fighting concepts from a man simply called mang Inyong. 
This started his in-depth study in the field of martial arts through different Masters and instructors. He studied Yaw-Yan under Orlando Lapuz. Around late 1994 he trained with Grand Maestro Antonio Ilustrisimo but was short-lived due to Tatang’s death in August 1997. Bong continued training under Pedro Reyes until he was formally introduced to Master Tony Diego early 1998. 
Abenir Kalis Filipino Blade Art is a blend of different fighting arts such as kalis Ilustrisimo, Silat and other fighting systems in the Philippines.
Click here to join us on Saturday May 20th from 9am-5pm at OC Muay Thai for a fun filled day of learning and sharing the incredible martial arts from the Philippines. 

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