Why Everyone Should Have Some Self Defense Training

When most people think of self defense training, they think about reacting to an attack. 

But that’s not all it’s good for. It can actually stop an attack before it even takes place.

In one study, participants who had taken a 30-hour self-defense course experienced a much lower frequency of unwanted contact. This means they actually weren’t even confronted… being trained to defend themselves helped prevent undesirable interaction before it could occur.

The reason is simple. The training does more than physically change you. There are more benefits of learning to defend yourself than strength — some you probably haven’t even considered.

This article will convince you why everyone should have some defensive training, even if you’re on the fence about learning the basics of self defense.

Here is a comprehensive list of the reasons why you should start self defense lessons, such as Muay Thai, today.

5 Convincing Reasons to Learn Self Defense Training

Let’s dive into some of the ways learning self defense can benefit your life. We are going beyond strength and the physical self. These are benefits that will positively effect your entire life.


This is the first thing that comes to mind when people think of self defense, and it can’t be ignored.

Often when people consider defending themselves against an attacker, they think they need to be larger or stronger to win. This simply isn’t the case, and Muay Thai self defense demonstrates this perfectly.

Muay Thai and other self defense training teaches the mechanics of an opponent and how to use them against an attacker. Lessons focus on what to do if someone is taller, larger, or stronger than you. Essentially, it’s a “smaller man’s” sport.

This type of self defense not only levels the playing field as far as size and strength, it also teaches you how to disarm an attacker. A lot of attacks happen with a weapon. Disarming an attacker lowers the risk of serious or fatal injury.

Let’s discuss more than the physical benefits — here are some positive mental reasons to take Muay Thai.


Learning a new skill set can make you feel more enabled and capable than ever before. This newfound ability can boost your confidence.

Practicing self defense not only teaches you how capable you are, it shows you that you’re worth fighting for. Muay Thai doesn’t discriminate… anyone can learn this valuable practice and come out stronger and more able-bodied. But you will also come out feeling more self-assured.

The effect this has on the psyche is palpable — you’re no longer a walking potential victim but a self confident force to be reckoned with.

In fact in another study, even when an assault was committed, those who performed resistance had better mental health outcomes. This means the victims who performed self defense mentally recovered more quickly from an attack. So self defense can not only offer protection but also aid in the aftermath of an assault.


Everyone wants to have more mental focus.

Focus can help you feel calm, capable, and collected in any situation. Muay Thai and other self defense training teaches this focus through multiple methods.

The practice of self defense requires patience and a long-term investment in one’s self. The journey of learning will prove to be strenuous at times — but always worth it. This patience translates into daily life, spilling over into work and personal endeavors.

With this renewed patience comes the ability to achieve more grand aspirations that were previously unattainable due to a lack of discipline. Muay Thai training can teach the importance of long-term investment on focus.

Self defense training uses techniques such as breath control and mental calm in order to stress appropriate reactions.

Rather than having an emotional response to a stressful situation, you will feel more in control. This allows you to handle situations in a way that will get results rather than cause problems.

Become a Role Model for the Future

We all want to set the next generation up for success. Muay Thai and other self-defense classes can help us do that. Here’s how.

When children see how calm, capable, and confident their role models are, they will live up to this standard. Empower the future generation by being the ultimate role model.

Handle situations with cool, collected control. Walk with your shoulders held high and speak with more affirmation in your voice. Show more patience and aptitude to reach your goals. 

Self-defense training can give you all of these things. In turn, you will set the best possible example for the impressionable minds following in our footsteps.

Learn More Self Respect, and Respect for Others

Self defense practices like Muay Thai are often centered around respect. Not only self-respect, but trust and respect for others.

The partnership you forge with your training partner is based on mutual respect and understanding. You will learn to not harm each other, but practice well. This awareness will help all aspects of your life.

It can translate into your life by making you take better care of yourself. When you develop more self respect, in turn you will also begin to respect others. 

You’re Ready to Train

Self defense isn’t just about reacting to an attack. The benefits associated with the training go beyond physical strength — it’s about mental preparedness.

These newfound mental abilities will enhance your:

  • Ability to protect yourself
  • Confidence and assertiveness
  • Discipline and focus
  • Capability of being a great role model
  • Self-respect and respect for others

Muay Thai and other training isn’t simply about responding defensively… it is about prevention. This prevention comes from being decisively capable instead of a victim.

When a potential threat sees you as focused, assertive, self-respecting, and capable they are less likely to attack at all. This means you won’t even need to defend yourself — even though you certainly could.

But don’t just believe it. Start Muay Thai self-defense training today and experience all of these great benefits for yourself.






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